Sunday, August 30, 2009


{We're on a count down of sorts.}
one where we have an unknown number of days, and we won't know til we are there.
Dh and I are thrilled, we are d-day minus 4. I try to put the idea of having a little one in perspective, we will be one busy little family for awhile!
Recently our weeks/ weekends have entailed many things:
-making last minute sweet Izzy purchases
-daddy dh taking care of business (or TCB as he calls it, or TCBY that I call it .. yes I have a special name for most everything) .. TCB has included arranging for carpet cleaning and tile work to be done, refinishing our outdoor bench and front door, dyer just plain looking cute, the list goes on & on
-reading about delivery
-reading about all things new baby
-counting contractions
-being big and preggers, loving her wee one moving in there
-watching many, many movies
-the other half cooking yummy meals
-keeping the house ready for go time
-packing and repacking the hospital bag
-selling stuff on ebay (.. you know the stuff that is just hanging out in boxes waiting for goodwill - and if you know me - you know I Hate keeping stuff. a nice way to make a few bucks and a good laugh at what things people will buy!)
-dinner dates with friends .. thanks Uma, Castillejos, Kristen, Ali
-more relaxing
-loving on big brother Rowdy

i love my life. can't wait to see our new addition.
MD appointment tomorrow .. I'll keep you all posted on any changes.

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