Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was a big day for D. Dyer, Isabelle and I.

{.. mostly b/c we went and toured the hospital that little one will be delivered at. i can tell she was a fan, she has been doing up-side-down jumping jacks all day, or it could be that she is just mad that i walked about 4000 miles around the hospitals - you know he one i work at + baylor.}

All this reminded me that in less than 2 weeks little missy will be here. I won't blame her if she fusses when she comes into this big world, it is bright and loud.

Goodness just imagine what that is like ..
I'm off to incubate some more.

Everything in the baby room is just good to go. I need to upload current pics. One thing that I've learned through all of this is that baby products are far - far from inexpensive (ie more than $500 for 2 car seats, with a coupon .. granted they are for when she is bigger).

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The Ward Family said...

We were told during our tour of Baylor to ask {during labor} for a big hospital room after delivery...of course, that was 2 years ago and they may have completed their renovations by now. Some of the rooms that we toured were TINY, but there were a few big rooms available and they were they ones to be requested. Just a tip, just in case!