Sunday, January 10, 2010


2009 is over. done. complete. finished.

top 20ish:
1. i found out i was going to be a mom.
2. we had a baby. i became a mom.
3. i had a big big round belly. :)
4. i learned how much room i have in my heart.
5. i was reminded 365 x ∞ how much i love my husband.
6. i realized that i love being a mom. far more than i thought i would.
7. i had my patience tested.
8. i realized how much patience i have.
9. i cherished the 90 days i spent at home with my little Miss.
10. i cried more than i've ever cried before. (one word, daycare. i know. pathetic.)
11. i recognized how incredibly awesome and supportive my husband is. my friends are.
12. i realized how blessed i am.
13. i had the biggest xmas tree i've ever had. the best xmas ever.
14. i got to see what 23 dh + 23 dh2 chromosomes look like!
15. i utilized facebook and reconnected with old friends {sadly i lost connections with others.}
16. i decided in '10 i was going to forfeit complaining and pour my energy into problem solving. resolute to be a little less of a worrier. & give dh a million-zillion kisses + be the best wife ever {since i have the best husband ever. duh.}. & be the best mom ever. & be the best friend ever {since i have the best friends there ever was}. & reconnect with old friends, see #15.
17. i experienced heartache when a friend lost her baby.
18. i recognized how blessed I am on so many levels. {just reiterating #12.}
19. i started to floss my teeth daily. thank mr and ali, DDS for the encouragement.
20. i began to eat more veggies and fruit.
21. i took my little brother driving and didn't freak out. {you did a great job garner!}

ok. so 2009 was big, real big. and lots of learning. & i Loved it.

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

what a lovely list Des! you are the best wife and mom already! Speaking of your list, a certain number on your list made me tear up. Hope to see you in a few weeks (crossing my fingers ;).