Saturday, January 16, 2010

standing tall.

Isabelle always amazes! She is such a big girl these days (minus the nights). She what she has been up to:

& she loves to stand up.

& loves to play dress up.
{this is a christening outfit from Dyer's family .. I worry that by the time I get her baptised she won't fit it! i think she looks like a toddler in the 2nd pic.}

& to sit up. {or, ok, tripod.}

& hang out with her bunny.
{I just LOVE her mouth in this picture!}

1 comment:

The Kaufmans said...

WOW - what a big girl!! I can't believe she's starting to stand on her own like that! And she looks like she's so close to sitting too - way to go, sweet Isabelle!!