Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy 1/3 of a year sweet girl.

That is right .. Miss Isabelle is 4 months old. My. time flies.
{I can attest that this has been the best four-months-ever!}

What is she up to these days?:
she Loves-loves-loves to stand up (with assistance of course)
continues to eat about every 3 hours, which includes during the night
loves story time, especially dr seuss books
being a cutie pie
getting to be a pro at daycare :)
she has been chewing a lot .. I have to wonder if teeth aren't too far off
loves rubbing her lovie, it is silky on the back
growing out of all of her clothes
being a big girl

things we are looking forward to:
sleeping longer at night .. thanks to everyone for the advice. We are planning to buy the healthy sleep habits, happy baby book. [As much as I don't mind getting to spend time with my girl at night it is a habit we need to break.]
visiting family! We hope to make it to little Grace's SECOND birthday.

{fyi: she is so stinkin cute that i could eat her up!}
Want to see more pics of the cutest peanut ever? go here.

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The Kaufmans said...

So absolutely precious!! How are our girls 4 months old already though?! Going by WAY too fast!!