Saturday, January 9, 2010


well. a few things. & then this mama is going to bed.
  • we've been so busy at this end. {if you can imagine that!}
  • i worked this weekend, so DH was a SAHD; not sure he would want to do that full time.
  • tomorrow dyer starts NICU night float .. yes after a full day of SAHDness. so be prepared for some serious updates throughout the week. with said night floatness i will be working on getting Miss to sleep through the night with the cry it out technique. :(
  • for now, i want to let you know that pretty much my fav. pic of the Isa is the one in that last post, where she is in the bathroom {don't you love how she is looking over her shoulder}. i have some ultra cute isabelle-nakie-chunky-leg ones but they are def not public blog approved.
  • i need my isabelle fix. i can't wait for Monday. seeing her about an hour a day for the last [almost-but-not-quite] 2 weeks has made me very, very sad. very sad. .. if you have kids you will understand. or even if you don't.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck getting her so sleep longer! You can do it!! Remember that it's better to start now than when they're older, it's just harder at that point. You're a great Mom, doing a fantastic job!

Let me know how it goes, I'll be thinking about all of you!