Wednesday, June 30, 2010


more sch-more please.
i made these fun delights last night:

D+D+I went to target this last weekend & on a whim I decided to get some s'more making
ingredients.  last night
there was some residual flame left* so it was perfect for some s'more-kin.  too
bad only i ate the s'mores. now i have a whole bag-o-marshmallows left.  perfect for a
brand-spankin-new-fellow's favorite dessert (RCTs).  of note, s'more making is
messy, just ask my iPhone.
it dove head first into the marshmallowness.

(*from our yum steaks. ok, maybe dyer's wasn't so yum since his steak would-not-cook
all the way and he microwaved it to finish the cooking process. yuck!)

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