Monday, August 2, 2010


?: Do you know what 11 months of cuteness looks like?

yummy watermelon goodness.*
@ the BU bear pit.

She was born 335 days ago.
Time flies.

She makes me so happy.  She is such a joy, not only for Dyer and I, but for our entire family.
{just ask Grammie and Grandma.}

she does all things adorable.
she is a road tripper. bed stander-uper. laugher. puzzle undoer. ber-bee noise maker. tooth grower. ".. if your happy and you know it" clapper.  best friender (miss you GKS). carseat disliker. avocado eater. toy box toy pull outer. best daughter. tongue clicker. mama milk drinker. baby walker user. smiler. swing liker. book reader. bath taker. *sweet griner. breast pump take aparter. future Baylor Bearer: sic'umer. dog lover. crawler. giggler. walk liker. night waker-uper. mostly a papa adorer.

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