Sunday, August 29, 2010

Abbys one.

Isabelle's friend, Abby, celebrated her FIRST birthday last weekend.  We were so thrilled to be there to share in the excitement.  Isabelle loves getting to see her friends, Ethan and Abby, and all of her new friends.  It was great to see Kristen and catch up, we can't wait to come back.  Abby and Isabelle are so close in age (A is about a week older than I), it is so fun to see them play; they always have a great time together.

Thanks Abby for letting us celebrate your Cupcake birthday!  We had a blast!

Happy First Birthday Abby!
Hope it was ONEderful!

pics from kristen's blog.

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The Kaufmans said...

My sweet friend Isabelle,
Thanks for making my first bday party so special and so much fun!! I love when we get to play together, so let's do it again soon, ok? Oh, and you'll LOVE being ONE - it's so much fun! :)