Saturday, August 28, 2010

off with hers diaper.

Isabelle is a toot x2 most days, as evidenced by:

explanation:  while grandpa was visiting Isabelle decided that she would take off her diaper during nap time.  We don't have a monitor, so I assumed that she was just sleeping away.. little did we know. 

All I have to say is, good thing she only #1ed!!

[ps. remember i said she is a toot; she likes to remove all things hair accessory related.  ignore the mess of hair.]
[Of note, she has now done this on 3 occasions.  I think she must be too smart for the g-diaper velcro!]


The Kaufmans said...

I'm cracking up at that lil punkin for 2 reasons...she is SOOOO incredibly cute doing these little stinker things, but also b/c her little friend Abby does that too if we forget to put something over her diaper!! Silly girls!!!

Chris.Erin.Grace said...

This cracks me up! She looks so proud holding her diaper :). "Look Mom I did it!" Grace never took off her diaper...maybe I have a funny little girl for not doing it.