Saturday, August 28, 2010



Little miss will be ONE in a mere 5 days.

We are so excited.  Life has been very busy in the last year, and so different .. but so incredible for so many reasons.

Before baby we would have ..
the laziest of weekends to having hit-the-ground-running weekends. 
grocery store trips that weren't completely planned out, to the moment, based on somebody's nap schedule.
running the dishwasher every few days, to running it every day (girl goes through a lot of bottles!).
a very clean living room to a living room-o-toys.
leasurly getting ready for work, to trying to get ready in a flash hopes of doing it all before she wakes up.

We love it all!!  We are so blessed to have the cutest of little girls as our daughter.

Love you Ibelle!!

{let the next 5 days go by very slow.  i'm not ready to have a ONE year old .. or be in my last year as a twenty-something.}


Chris.Erin.Grace said...

5 days! I cannot believe it! I feel like I was just up there for the 2 weeks after she was born and we had our newborn weekend. 1 year olds are lots of fun! It just keeps getting better and better...:) Especially when they say, "I love you!" I'm not gonna lie. I cried the night before her 1st birthday. I'm such a sap!

The Kaufmans said...

Cannot believe the day is almost here!! I def. cried too :) Sweet Isabelle - you are so precious, and we have just loved getting to know you this year, and look forward to so many fun times ahead!! Happy Almost Birthday!! :)