Tuesday, October 5, 2010


13 months = lots of fun.

• We {finally} have an eater. Ibelle is now eating like a champ, I think that she was a milk junkie and did not want to give it up. All things are loved by her belly, micro-teeny hot dog pieces, cheese, turkey, puffs, raspberries, graham crackers, & her fav: Strawberries. She screams with delight when she sees strawberries!! Here's to a baby foodie!

• She is crawling all over and trying to walk like crazy. She is so persistent and tries her hardest to get her little feet-just-a-walkin!! I will be any day now.

• I absolutely love this age!

• ibelle is now in a new class at school for the 12-18 month olds. So different, but I think she is adjusting

• ibelles uncle turns 16(!!!) this month

• & little miss is already a little defiant thing. Believe it or not, she is testing her boundaries! Just today she had a huge meltdown bc I wouldn't let her stand in her high chair. I'm sure it is nothing compared to what we are in for in the next yr or so, but goodness!!

• the cutest thing ev-er!!!!

• says (something like) "what's that?" and points

• says dada, a lot. Never mama, just dada. & "gog", loves that word

• gets sooo excited when we pick her up from school, the moment she sees us she is starts squealing!!

• had a play date with Ethan and Abby; we had so much fun and can't wait to come back

• very very interested in the world around her. We love that girl like crazy

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The Kaufmans said...

I'm with you...SUCH a fun age!! And she is just too precious and doing so many big girl things...yay, Isabelle!! We had such a fun time seeing you three...let's do it again soon! :)