Saturday, October 16, 2010


My other half spent this weekend doing all things busy:

SAHD {while mama worked this weekend} • dressing ibelle in the cutest dress and piggies ever • making me laugh, smile, happy, giddy {et al. ok, maybe he has done that everyday for the last just-about-3-years} • {make that 7.5 years} • trying to figure out his Anni gift from me {until the ups guy showed up, argh} • & one of the things he gets most excited about every October: Hween candy for trick-or-treaters!* {no lie, he does this each and every yr} • & fighting me off of said candy** • cheering on the Texans {yep he wears that shirt proudly in Cowboy country} •

Notice rowdy "supervising" in the bottom left of the pic!
If your wondering, I didn't help with the Hween-bag-fill as dh has a 'method'. Or maybe I just like to joke that he does, tee hee!

* trick-or-treaters: feel special. No young child or first year of fellowship will deter him.
**while I wrote this blog entry + watched Juno (aka the movie I watch when I found out my eggo was preggo on 1/1/2009).

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

This made me laugh literally out loud (LLOL). So funny but adorable at the same time. What a great hubby/daddy and what spoiled little trick or treaters!!! What is Isabelle dressing up as? I can't believe its anniversary time again! Amazing! You guys are the cutest!