Saturday, May 21, 2011

gymnastics and a b-day!

Last weekend Isabelle went to a birthday party for her friend Kaitlyn (Happy 4th Birthday Kaitlyn!!!).  The party was so fun!  It was at a gymnastics place and the kids had a blast!  There was an obstacle course and trampolines.  Isabelle had such a good time (and I think that she secretly felt like she was part of the big kids group!).  She was so thrilled for the trampoline; she went straight to the girl that was coaching the kids and held her hands while they 'jumped' together (really Isabelle is still a little too young to understand jumping, but she loved it!).  There was a fun obstacle course with all foam pit at the end.  Isabelle loved all the different challenges, except the foam pit!  I think that it was too hard for her to walk around in, which got her a little scared.
After the games were over all the kiddos had pizza and Capri Suns!  (You can take a guess how the Capri Sun went, and if you are thinking something about her squeezing the packet and juice squirting out you'd be right!).

 her sweet little slightly-pigeoned-toed feet-sies.

pizza time!!  her fav is "pissa"!!


Mikie said...

Oh the most perfect of families!! But from where did that mom and dad steal the little blonde girl?!?!!

Kristen said...

Love the picture of you 3 - beautiful family!! Can't get over those long pigtails of Ibelle's though!! So cute!