Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter pt 2.

After the family Dyer left came the family Desiree.  We had the BEST time with Garner and my mom!  It was the most wonderful weather!!  Huge Thanks to the Easter Bunny (who took Ibelle's basket to Grandma's house!) for some very fun Easter goodies!  Isabelle got some movies, playdoh, bubbles and lots of LOVE!  Gma was so sweet to bring a stroller - which has been a BIG hit!  (and thanks to G for going to TRU for 2 hours while Gma shopped!)  We can't wait for a return visit!

 her two favs going for a ride!
 Quin: my CPK from when I was little.
sans clothes.
 throwing the ball to G.
{or maybeee she is trying to do a fancy shot off of her head.  you decide..}
hanging out with the boys. 
she seriously love garners.
{this pICH reminds me of the sweetest, cutest of tom-boys.  just look at that face!!}
 chasing after the ball.  with stroller in tow.
{side note: our grass will neverever look this green again until next yr.  silly HOT weather!}
 more soccer.
{and yes that is a isabelle being carried while her dad runs for the ball. it was his way of including her since she
was sortofkindof in the way during their game!}
{this pic just might be worth the extra 2 seconds to click on it to see her head.  she looks like she may have experienced whip-lash! :( }
 Easter treats!
 playdoh and a bucket full of eggs!  so fun!
Isabelle getting a hand from gma to open her bubbles.
{do you spy a lovie??}

Would you believe there is an Easter pt 3???

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