Saturday, February 5, 2011


as you know we use cloth-type diapers with isabelle. They are cloth on the outside, which you wash, with a diaper-like insert that you throw out or flush (technically you can buy cloth inserts if you want).
Initially I was not a fan of gdiapers (<-- seriously, go there if your confused) but they grew on me. Not that we don't completely avoid regular diapers. B/c we don't, like for ibelle's school and those times when we know disposable is in our best interest!

All this leads me into what I came across today.. after a series of events that included me discovering that gdiaper had a Facebook page, I found this:

{crazy!! 40$ for a diaper cover??! after reading on the FB page i'm. not. surprised. those moms are obsessed with all thing gdiap. if fact it reminds me a little of the beanie baby craze of the 90s!!}

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Mikie said...

Oh Etsy, is there anything you don't have? (and charge a lot for??)