Sunday, February 6, 2011


Our almost 1.5 year old is amazing, for so many reasons:
• the way she smiles.
• the way she blows her nose on a tissue (or a little plastic football we have, which she then wipes the ball with the tissue. I know, eww).
• the way she LOVES dogs (I even recorded the Puppy Bowl for her!). Everything that remotely resembles a dog - is a dog, like a horse is a dog.
• all the new words she says, "no", "noe" (nose), "moe" (more), "mel-mo" (Elmo), "noo" (snow), "eye", "coul-or" (color), "pease" (please), "y-ion" (lion), "monn-ey" (monkey), "moo-bee" (movie), "maa-maw" (Grammie/ grandma).
• she can point to most body parts; my fav is toes and fingers, she will move her digits all around when you ask her where her toes/fingers are!
• how she says, "hiii" anytime she knows there is someone on the phone.
• she wants me to hold her hand and help her with kid games on the iPhone (really she does. she puts her hand in mine with her finger pointed, ready to push around the screen!).
• how she loves to clean!! If she spills milk and we tell her to clean it up, she will go get something to wipe it up with.
• when you tell her to put her hands in her pockets, she gets the concept, but searches for her pockets in the middle of her shirt/jacket!
• LOVES the bath!! Loves to have her teeth brushed (most times).
• wants to feed rowdy all the time, which he isn't all that fond of! I asked her today if she wanted a treat, instead she went over to Rowdy's treat area!
• she also wants to love on rowdy all the time, which he alsoooo isn't all that fond of!
• she likes to push her princess car around (& to her parents dismay, run it into things, the wall, the dresser..).
• loves to color, we have these crayola chunky crayons that she loves!! Also loves finger paints and knows exactly. where. they. are hid!
• loved the snow. loved eating the clean snow. we were outside earlier and she wanted "moe" snow!!!
• loves books; more specifically loves looking at books while sitting in your lap!
• she puts her drink in the specific-cup-indention on her high chair tray, or she'll put it on a coaster.
• likes cheese (spicy kind!), avocado, milk!, bread/crackers of any kind, pudding, yogurt, hotdogs, hot cereal, banana, pineapple, spaghetti, nutri-grain bar, drinking water from a straw.
• how much her mom and dad can love that little miss!!
{Isabelle, we love you x millionbilliontrillion!!}

{Isabelle attempting to sit on her anywhere chair/stool. Soo cute!!}

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