Saturday, February 12, 2011


isabelle is a huge fan of crafts!  specifically coloring (or, as isabelle says it, "cou-ler") and finger paints!  both can keep her entertained just long enough (then she hits a point were the excitement is over, usually around the time she needs a nap, and all items end up being pushed all around her tray or on the floor in a big wet-painted mess or riped). 

this was during the snowdaystwentyeleven, so excuse her i-just-woke-up-and-my-mom-threw-this-bow-in-my-hair and PJs look.  she will generally start out with the crayons and move towards the paints, which like i mentioned before, she is very aware of their hiding spot in the cabinet.  notice her monkey PJs, she loves to try and take off her "shoes" (aka monkey feet!).


Mikie said...

ICH may want to take those monkey's off like shoes but Jack would eat them up before she could! Can I say again how Big Girl she looks!?!?!? She is gorgeous!!!!

Kristen said...

CUTE!!!!! And gotta say, we sport the pj's and bow look a LOT around here ;) Love it!! And love how the girls can do all this big girl stuff - fun for mommies too!!