Monday, November 17, 2008


I was thinking .. I started this blog-thing a little too late to post about the first of many anniversaries, so I thought I would briefly reflect back on the biggest and best of them all.

The Mr. & Mrs.

The bride and the maids: Erin (Grace's mom), Keara (Dylan & Dawson's mom), Michelle (Jackson's mom), Elizabeth (the roomie that introduced DH2), and Amy (Dyer's sister)

My mom, Garner, Dyer, and my Uncle Henry

Dyer's dad and mom

The giggly-bride

October 19th, 2008 could not have been any more perfect. So many super memories of that day, I could reflect on what each person brought to our big day .. Mostly I would just like to thank them ALL. I love my family and all that they do!

One year later and I am still giggling.

{goodness. i love that hubby-wubby of mine.}


laurenk said...

Loved seeing those beautiful pictures again!!!

Missy said...

i love the wedding pics, so great!