Saturday, November 8, 2008


Let me start by saying that Mary and Smurf* are filled with joy.

So. We thought, why not do some remodeling in the garage. Sounds silly I know! We figured that this feat was a good intro into some potential future projects.

The garage makeover went something like this:
Dyer epoxied the floor, caulked around all of the edges (keep those dang bugs out), we painted the walls, and when all was said and done a very nice room for our cars!

Don't worry I helped, my job duties included (weren't limited to): edging and taping.

*Mary and Smurf are red and blue, respectively, Grand Cherokee twinkies. Dyer thinks that the blue one is really called "The Beast."

I apologize for the formatting, I can't seem to figure it out.

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laurenk said...

1) The garage looks awesome!
2) Oh formatting woes, I had a lot of them when I first started. I'd be happy to help you with anything!