Monday, November 10, 2008

meeting place.

We met here, at this wonderful place in Waco, Baylor University. I was studying Nutrition and Dyer was learning all about some Biology, Chemistry, and English. Little did I know I would meet the guy. You know, the one that makes me happy. :)

Well technically we met twice. Once at a get together with my roommate Elizabeth, were I thought, "goodness that guy is cute and sweet." Then more officially at the Moody Library where we were reintroduced by Elizabeth. I was working at the library & Dyer, well he was there studying the above mentioned multitude of degrees. He would be in the library lobby area studying .. those of you from BU know, it was open 24hrs per day.

After providing him with my number, I invited him to some group get together .. he declined because he was hanging out with his roomies. (Who wouldn't want to hang out with there roommates in place of a girl?! Come to find out later, he wanted to hang out with this girl on a date.)

March 22, 2003 : First date to Chili's and to see the movie Phone Booth.

Things I remember about the initial dating phase was Dyer's birthday! (Gosh, that was a long time ago!) He was 22 years old. It came about 3 weeks after our
first date, and as you can imagine the gift made for some serious over analyzing on my part! Well, I made him chocolate chip cookies .. come to find out he does not even like cookies! (Weird, I know.) The same day was Diadeloso, which is BUs day to celebrate, we celebrated.

Another funny story .. I was working in the library lobby and Dyer was working as a tutor. There was an older guy that came looking for his "tutor." Apparently when I was directing the guy I said, "Dyer, my boyfriend, is your tutor. "

I DEFINITELY don't think that I was the first to define our dating to a stranger! Dyer just thinks that is how it went. Really, the BF/GF came up when we were at Bush's Chicken. Dyer, while telling a story, says, "blah, blah your boyfriend, blah."

Then he left for med school.
more to come...


Missy said...

you are a great blogger! i love it! makes me want to blog again! maybe i should tell our story--but then again we never even went on a first date. haha! see you tonight!

laurenk said...

Tim and I's story starts at Baylor and I saw him when he worked in the Moody computer lab! Another thing we have in common!