Tuesday, November 25, 2008


: definitely the sweetest pup ever .. except if you are another dog.

The second Rowdy hears clothes come out of the dryer, no matter how hot they are, he comes running and will wait for us to dump them out so that he can lay in them! It is too funny!!

Five years ago during grad school I was anxious to get a dog. Either a 'Rowdy' or a 'Pumpkin' depending on the gender. DH went to several Humane Societies in Houston to find the best dog for my birthday (while driving around Dyer got a ticket!).

We took a trip out to the shelter and loved little 'Creamy' (Rowdy's original name). Dyer likes to tell how I gripped b/c the dog had fleas!!

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laurenk said...

That is so funny what Rowdy does...I don't blame him!