Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Gosh, where else does I + D + R = my heart?

(notice rowdys perfectly pumpkined handkerchief.)
(notice that dyer is holding the sweetest & nakiest of precious babys.)
(know that all of these are pICHs from the iphone, the camera pics are gone, rather erased.. Sadly.)
(regardless of the lack of posts, lack of pics, we have been busy! Not to be confused with relax-y.)
(heres to a weekend of relax-y. We ALL need it, mostly the littlest hntz.)


K. Sue said...

i can't wait for days like these. :)

Mikie said...

I LOVE the pichture and I think I LOVE the "ich" insertion even more!!! This can go on and on...