Friday, November 19, 2010

15 months.

curious about all things ibelle?:

{confidently} walking. every. where.
{happily} playing with her fun car toy. see a few posts back. in fact her fav is to ride around in it ..outside ..with no shoes jacket -5 degree weather ..& fit throwing if the car is pushed back inside
{obsessed} with "chues" (or shoes), and putting them into said car
{also obsessed} with pushing anything and everything
{oddly} likes hot cheese and avocado
{roughly} throwing her baby out of its stroller every.time. you put it in there
{respectfully} making lots of Mayflower crafts at school. yes they educate on all things, including tgiving
{laughing} all the time. especially at her funny dad
{sweetly} saying "nigh-nigh" when it is time for bed, usually about 630pm. she can't get into bed quick enough
{insistently} saying "na-na" when she is hungry. over, and over again. Cutest thing ever! girl likes to eat
{pulling} of her socks. 5 secs after I put them on her. especially shoes, off they come
{patiently} waiting to consume her first tgiving feast & being consumed in kisses by her Gigi
{sadly} getting bigger by the millisecond, nearly 15 months old!
{gracefully} making her mama's heart huger by the millisecond
{loving} of her family
{peacefully} sleeping through the night. finally (generally 12-13 hours)
{yummily} yep, i could just eat her up
{precious) how she loves her lovey. all day. everyday. she holds it. we even have a bath lovey
{most def} watching her most fav show RHWBH, including Andy Cohen. Ok, no she doesn't watch it. but if she did I wouldn't object
{perfectly} the way she makes our smile

*those pics? 15 months ago.  i cant believe it.


Chris.Erin.Grace said...

he he....RHOBH. So funny! I can't believe she is 15 months old! Precious as ever and a gorgeous little girl :).

Kristen said...

Oh, I love hearing about all these sweet and precious things she's doing...we sure miss that darling girl!! Seriously, these girls have GOT to slow down for us - they are just getting too big too fast! :)