Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dear ems.

{dear ems, this post is really just for you.}
{your eyes only.}
{thanks for the cutest of "I" shirts!  ibelle & i Love it.  just thought
i would post a pic since you never really did get to see what it looked like
 in real life.  sadly the bow came off, i need to reattach it.}
{& notice that ibelle is wearing an gks-original hoodieshirt.}
{don't mind that this pic was taken inside of our garage. or that ibelle
has banana residue on her mouth, it was in the morning on the way to school.}
{oh, & we can not wait to meet nugget-Andrew.}
{my guess: he will be adorable!}

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

So I had to come back and take another peek of sweet cheeks in the "surprise" birthday onesie. It still is cracking me up! The fabric I had picked had lots of pretty blue (to match her gorgeous eyes) and pink. And the font! I still can't get over that crazy, squiggly "I". So funny! I totally picked out a different one! Its a funny story :).