Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love my 14 month old.
I love her x1 million.
Everyday {yes, each and everyday} I count my blessings.
I think about her every second I'm not with her. (no lie.)

She can now say so many things (maybe not cleaaarlllyy).
Most recently, ker-key (turkey), hoh-cog (hot dog), chus (shoes) to name a few. Sometimes I can get her to mimic me, so fun. Love this age.

Speaking of shoes!! She is wearing the most darling of little girl shoes! Maryjane Keds (I've been thinking about these shoes from pre-baby times). Thanks gma for the wonderful shoes!!
(ignore that Ibelle is crying in the pICH, she was getting a molar in tonight, talk about fussy).

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Missy Morgan said...

oh my gosh, i want to listen to her talk and just hug the heck out of her. ok. maybe for my bday??