Friday, December 10, 2010


This last weekend ibelle and I had a getaway to lubbock ..thanks to southwest (for the sweet deal, 27$ each way) & the fam (for the FUN time). 
We got to lubbock on Saturday, once we got in the door ibelle headed to bed!  She was beyond pooped from the big plane ride.  We ate and off we were to Belly Couture (my aunt's store) to check it out & WOW! We were impressed.  Holy cow love that place and everything in it!  Not only is it decorated to perfection the clothes are awesome!
Sunday we hung out, which was so very needed after our big week of work/school/airplane, ibelle and I were in need for some down time (I think aunt Mimi and Jack were too!).  Ibelle, cousin Jack and his friends played until there was no more playing was to be had.  Ibelle loved Jack's train!  Ibelle got to have pizza and I think that she LOVED it!  The cutest thing, if Jack would cry Ibelle would also get upset, she would have the saddest of cries!  Precious?: I think so.  After nap time we were off to paint some ceramic pieces for Xmas and head over to the store for some pics.  Ibelle and Jack went to feed the ducks, however, with the 1 million-below-zero weather the ducks were no coming for the bread. 
Monday we did some relaxing and headed back to Dallas.  We already miss the crew!  Can't wait to make it back!

{ibelle in the airport on the way home.}

{ibelle playing in jack's ball pit.}

{ibelle, her friend, jesse and aunt mimi. jack's hanging in the background.}
{sadly i took very few pics.  that is just how much fun we were having!}

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