Friday, December 17, 2010


ICH organization goes a little like this*:

1.  Everyday when Ibelle gets home from school she sits on the floor and gets all the bags together, including her school bag, my purse, my work bag, and our lunch bags. 
All things bag convening at this one area.

& maybe this happens in the morning too, with an old makeup bag and plastic bin filled to-the-brim with everything bathroom related.  everything.  trust me, if it was you + baby + trying to get ready for work ..anything goes.

2.  Then she empties everything out of each bag, only to then put the items back into the respective bags. No kidding, she really does this.  Her fav items?  Pens and paper.

3.  Sometimes she will create her own bag of things that she has collected along the way, as seen here:

{in this case, a lunch bag with school craft projects and receipts. rowdy is nonetoexcited.
in all honesty it is the cutest thing ever!!}

{my favorite part, that is 3 pens and a lip liner that
were all lined up at the bottom of the bag,
& each of those are from different bags. oh yeah, and the balled up/riped candy cane craft.}

The worst part?  When the organizing/playtime is ov-errr.  She becomes a mess of tears and sass.
*sorry for the boring'iest and most detail'iest post ever.  but this is a pseudobabybook and i don't want to forget these cute things.

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Kristen said...

I really love this!! And seriously, you are such a sweet and fun mama for letting her have such a great time doing exactly what she loves!! So adorable!!