Friday, December 3, 2010

1.25 year celebration.

15 things to say about 15 months:

1. says "bubbles" and "ball". really she says most anything. of course, within reason (she is only 1.25 years old).
2. cute as they get.
3. she is funny!! & knows it!! .. just today she was walking in a circle, getting a little dizzy, then she would dramatically fall to the floor on her belly. thennnn she would move her arms & legs as if she was swimming!!! all the while just-a-laughin'! {she loves to do that little move up there in the pic.}
4. loves "nanas", but only if eaten straight from the peel.
5. sassy pants. terrible two's? already? or maybe it is those 3 teeth she is getting in??! (a total of 13!!).
6. airplane ride #2 to Lubbock!
7. Xmas: year 2.
8. Apple of her daddy's {& mommy's} eye.
9. loves to run around naked!! I've heard that before about kids, it is true!!
10. Stats: 24 lbs 2 oz, 31"
11. blows her nose!
12. loves to "clean" things! I can even show her something is dirty, with her towel (usually a Kleenex) she will clean it up!! so helpful when she throws her milk!
13. only drinks from a sippy cup (done & done when it comes to nursing, ok maybe she has been done for sometime now).
14. loves paper and pens!! she is all about "drawing"!
15. Perfect, perfect, perfect. we loves her to pieces!!

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Mikie said...

omg, no kidding, my mom has this exact same pic of a young me and it's one of her faves! Tell ICH she is in good company with that post -- such a cutey booty!