Thursday, December 2, 2010

15 monther.

maybe this is my #1 favorite pic, well second to a pic of a just-born-ibelle.

maybe I looked through 1 million+ pICHtures of isabelle the other night. pics dating back 15 months ago.

maybe I got a little sad looking at all those pICHs. Isabelle is now big girl.

maybe i was reminded by something dyer once told me about isabelle getting older, "someday she'll say, 'I love you mommy'".
{..I know, that husband of mine is the best.}

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

and when she does say it your heart will melt a million times especially when she just comes up to you and says it out of the blue. PS-I too just looked through a bazillion baby pics of GKS and got a little teary. I'm with you! Time stop flying by so fast!