Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter pt 1.

Easter was perfect!!  For Good Friday we had some exciting visitors!!  Gigi, Grammie and Aunt Wynne made the 5-hour trip!  Isabelle had SUCH a great time getting lots of loving!!  She also got to stay home from school and took full advantage!!  She played, colored and did all things FUN.

We were thrilled to have a few extra hands to help out with Isabelle; Dyer and I even had an opportunity to go out for a date night Cheesecake Factory and Water for Elephants!  As much as we adore Ibelle and love our time with her - it was a much needed time away!  We are so glad you all came and we can't wait for another visit!!!!

 {I thought that these 2 pics were adorable!  I couldn't choose!}

 {Ibelle getting some sweet sugar before the fam left.  She even got gifts!!  Including this cute butterfly dress.}

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