Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Holy cow.
She is twenty months.
{yes, 20. months.}

You are such a joy.  Had someone told me pre-pregnancy how much I would love something I would have never believed them.  You are perfect in every way.  You are so affectionate, saying "hole-dee" (hold me) and giving hugsandkisses all the time.
You are beautiful with your blond hair and blue eyes.  You smell so sweet and I could just lay with you  When you are sick it is so so sad; but all the cuddling you share with your mama makes her the happiest person ever.

Your favorite things to do are to go "ou-siiiide" (outside) and "sweeng" (swing).  Just the other day you went outside and you played and played and played.  Your favorite outside activity is to throw mulch (yes it is not our favorite activity).  You are testing your boundaries.  Although you are good 99% of the time, every once in awhile you like to see what you can get away with.

You are your father's-daughter: You are picky'ish eater, but you love your milk!  Your favorite foods are yogurt, spaghetti, chicken nuggets from CFA, cheese, strawberries, dried fruit (chocolate pudding!!  which you could eat whenever!).

You have lots of little friends in your class - most of which have been in your class since you started as a little 3-month old!!  You love your babies and love to put them "night-night" ..which means you place a blanket on them and put their backs.  Like pat them hard; we have to work on that.  You have used your little potty every night before bath time over the last 2.5 weeks (except twice).  So very impressive.  We aren't going to push any further and let you direct training. 

You love your movies ("moo-bies", mosty just Barney) - we watch them on the way to school in the morning and it is mommy's only way to have some quiet.  You love the Elmo Song (lalalalala..elmos song...) video.  You will even do the "lala.." part!  And say the word "gabby" at the end of the song.  You LOVE to have your daddy run after you and tickle you!!  Sometimes you like to "hide" under the table in the dinning room and while we look for you and say "where is Isabelle" you stay very.very.still until we find you!
You will repeat most words, even saying, "excuse me", "so big" and "all done".  It is all very, very cute!  You will also mimic my inflection in words to the T!!!  (Like if I do a high-pitched "Hi" you will do it the exact.same.way.)
I love it!!  That is why I call you my "mini-mama"!!
I can't wait to see where you are 20 months from now!  and 20 years from ..nevermind, I can wait for that!!  You are truly our little cutie pie and we love you like crazy!!


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