Saturday, May 7, 2011


Keep meaning to include this little explanation for the lack of posts:

- ibelle has been staying up later until 7 or a little after
- working on some projects, including these:

{kara, i know what your thinking.. The pinwheel shirt got messed up when I was doing the finishing touches.}

{yes, the dress is laying on an undershirt, I was trying to get some contrast.}{working on another little secret sussy too.}{& no, not a babysussy.}

- cleaning up things like this:


- tired. unable to put enough thoughts together at the end of the day for a juicy blog post.
- so i don't forget. A blog entry to-do list:
Add pics to Willie post•Garner pre-prom pics•upload all those posts from blogger that are 99% complete•pics of ibelle and her cousins•More ibelle videos (!!)•easter!
- lastly, and totally unrelated, love this. When I saw the commercial I may have just about cried and vowed I'd do this next time around with future babe #2.

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K. Sue said...

i love my dresses so much!! or rather, FINLEY'S dresses! and the pinwheel shirt looks so cute too. you're so creative. and thoughtful. :)