Friday, April 13, 2012

2 mos.

{again, most of this is from my email.}
This is where Ibelle + Cline are at these days:

CL: sleep at 10, waking 2 times/ night - generally 2 & 4, up at 630/7.  Started to engage with IB at week 6/7.  She loves it.  If CL is upset she'll IB will bring her paci or toys she knows that she likes!  Generally happy :-)  Size 0-3 mos clothes, size 1 diapers. Have been using gdispers since week 6/7.  CL loves her paci, works like a charm! ..maybe this is why she is smaller than IB was, something to do with me feeding IB when she cried, vs CL accepting the paci in place of feeding at times??  Who knows??
Month 2 stats: 11 lbs 2 oz, 23 in. (IB comparison: 12 lbs 8 oz, 23 1/2 in).  I could def tell that CL is smaller than IB at this age.

IB: Doing great!!! Loves CL. Even when IB is in a bad mood she will be sweet to CL. (again, we've tried really hard to give IB attention and not blame her or take our frustration with a NB out on her).  IB knows most childrens songs, will ask questions during the song, "what is the 'rule'," in the second verse of mary had a little lamb.  She sings a few songs that I am not familiar with!  IB can also answer most questions, "who are some of your friends in your class?", she is asking more questions about abstract things - which is hard to explain.  She sometimes calls CL her full name, Caroline Lurah! It is vey cute!!  On 3/31 (19 mos) we started potty training with IB - I think that she is now getting the hang (we've gone 5 days without an accident, pull ups at nap and night time).  In fact, most times we don't even know that she pottied until she either, asks for her treat or we hear the toilet flush (yes, she pours out her potty from her potty chair herself!).  IB is napping daily from 1-3 pm - although over the last week it has been more like 1-2:15 or so.

& mom and dad:  I go back to work in 3 wks ..part-time (Thank you god)!!!  I still have 8 lbs to loose!  Dyer is staying busy with work and keeping IB busy when he is here.  She def knows that he is the playful one, and after IB doing nothing overly active during the day he gets a work out when he gets home - she LOVES to play chase and RUNrunrun.  I guess she has realized that I am just the one that feeds CL these days!  {funny: IB says she wants to eat mommy!  gross, i know!}

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