Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday funday!

Weekends are for playing..
And that is just what we did!

For starters, Dyer's dad came for a visit. &&& boy does IB love her papa! He is so incredibly good with her! I honestly couldn't imagine a better relationship between them!! He plays with her babies, colors with her, chats with her, he dresses her (including diaper changes!) and gets her breakfast .. All while this mama gets some snuggle time with the littlest one. He listens and engages with her; he asks questions during the silly stories she tells! He truly is the best and I'm so glad he came! I think he misses her as much as she does him ..even if he has to sleep on the couch.

Dyer took IB to ballet on Saturday and papa was able to join! She was thrilled to have an audience! As far as ballet - She is working on coordination, dyer and I laugh that her teacher is going to be so happy when she has that mastered! (she takes a lot of one-on-one time during the class.)

Then, my friend Mikie hosted a Sip and See for Caroline! I was great to see my wonderful friends from work. I'm so incredibly blessed to have these girls! For the most part we've all worked together for 4+ years, we've all seen all of our families grow!

IB continues to work on potty training. She hasn't had an accident in just about a week. At home we are still putting her in pullups at nap/night time and sometiiiimes she will wake dry - but not usually. She remains a stinker and it takes some doing to get her to agree to underwear during the day (vs a pullup). She did pee last week at school on her mat during nap time and was upset about it. I guess that is a move in the right direction.

Finally, the weather was perfect (aside from a little rain!) and we enjoyed some time outside!

I spent a lot of time reading through the recent archives of this blog:
(yes, I adore all things fashion and home improvement, but I am not good at executing either! Dyer, doesn't get it given I HGTV all.the.time.)

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