Friday, April 27, 2012

IB these days..

Little missy#1 is growing like a weed!  
She loves to play doll house, and of course, play mini-mama with all of her babies!  .. Complete with diapers and wipes at changing time!
She is now into YouTube videos - although no where near as advanced as some if her friends in using the iPhone!
Still loves her milk (2%; about 16 oz/day)
She kind of/sort of knows what different time frames mean, "in a little while", or "later". When we tell her she can't have something she will be agreeable - but respond with, "I'll have it later."
She says, "remember" quite a bit to let us know she's done something before (ex. "I had M&Ms last time.  Remember?"). She does not forget any.thing. 
Loves to go to the store. Loves errands in general. I think it is bc we don't go many places since CL came along and when we do she generally gets a treat while we are out. 
Loves nursery rhymes. Loooooooves them. In fact, she knows just about every single one known to mankind!  I've had to google to figure out which she is singing. I know them from when I was little - but it's been so long I can't remember the verses (her fave: wheels on the bus and Mary had a little lamb).
Knows certain location words "it is 'hind the box". Yes, she says "hind" for behind. I hate to correct her bc it is so stink'n cute!  
She knows what her dad does, and that he helps "sick kids".  She says he works at a "hosible". 
She knows Mr Jones by the Counting Crows - she can actually sing a smidgen of the chorus on her own without the music. I think that she has requested that song to be on in the car a few (read: many) times. 
She can draw and identify a circle; she can identify a star and heart. 
Calls small things "a little baby one" (think: a small dog relative to a bigger dog). It is in the cutest voice too!!
Likes "pin-cess" and Mickey mouse (Loves to say "moo-ska"!!) anything. Although has no idea what the names of the characters/princesses are.
Says she misses uncle garner all the time! Loves her friends at school, her friend Abby and neighbor, Rhye
Mostly she looooves her pool, little sis & painting!!

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Mikie said...

OMG - love the I'belle she, like, seven years old in these pICHs!?!?!? I love to say "Moo-Ska" too!!!!