Friday, April 27, 2012

perfect love story.

Have you ever wondered what the most perfect love story looks like?
Dyer's grandma, Lurah, was born and raised in Brenham Texas (a little town outside of Houston).  Growing up her brothers were friends with Willie.  Willie came from a very poor family and was 6 foot 7 inches tall!!  He LOVED football, especially Texas A&M.

Willie loved to tell stories.  All kinds of stories.  Stories about kids, stories about the Army and all the places he had been.  Every story included all the details, including people, places and years.  He kept a accurate timeline of events in his head.  Willie was married to Delly and they had 2 children.

After Delly passed away and Willie moved back to Texas.  He reconnected with Lurah and they became close friends.  For the last 20 years Willie would call Lurah everyday to say good morning and wish her a good night.  He would take her to all of her hair appointments and bring her Pepsi (her favorite drink EVER).  They were best friends.

I have so many great memories of Willie.  He had the biggest heart and was so caring.  He was incredibly thoughtful and I will always be gracious of the most beautiful gift he gave me.  Dyer proposed with a wedding ring set that Willie had given Lura.  Willie also gave Dyer and I the wedding cake knife that was used at his own wedding many years ago.

(this is from just after willie passed away, last spring, i came across it in my drafts.)

{our last visit with Willie at Thanksgiving 2010.}
{I have plenty more pics, will upload very soon.}

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