Saturday, June 5, 2010

.75 years.

ICH-ture of the most beautiful 9 month old at the arboretum.

@ 9 months:
clearly knows her name.
bow defiant {she will yank the hair clip out of her hair despite being told "no" while giving you that i-know-you-said-no-and-i-know-what-no-means look.}
fickle food eater. sometimes she feels like it, sometimes she don't. Lots of time is spent coaxing her to eat solids. clearly milk is providing ample {see above pic.}.
still possessive, with everything, especially kleenex/ paper or any other product that is not kid safe.
an older cousin to Baby S #2 {which is in development. yay!}
not crawling forward, but doing a wonderful job of scooting backwards. she really likes to go backwards to the point where she is in a huge predicament when she finds herself under a chair.
owner of a gazillion toys.
she knows her teachers at school. in fact, the other day they told me there was a substitute teacher in her class and Ibelle just cried.
purses her lips. {see above pic. precious.}
still obsessed with the camera cord.
road trip'er. driving to brenham was an adventure.
made her mama cry b/c she is getting to be such a big girl.
got her first pool. went for her first swim.
not quite pulling herself up, but able to stand and hold on for awhile.
says "dada" and some other noise when she is referencing Rowdy. {and yes, we are aware she is mimicking the dada sound, and that she does not associate yet.}
9 month stats: 20 lbs 8 oz & 27.5 inches.

Nine months in 9 words: loved, precious, stinker, beautiful, sweet, happiness, heartwarmer, adorable, perfect.

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Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Baby S #2 is quite excited to meet his (he he) cousin ICH. BTW-I don't think she can be any cuter and I miss her (and you of course) terribly! She's doing beautifully and thats all because of her fabulous mom and dad.