Tuesday, June 22, 2010


i think i use cuteisabelle in a sentence a minimum of 1000x per day.  no lie.  ask anyone that i work with.  or my husband.  Right now she has been doing lots of cute things, including pursing her lips, clapping, saying "mama", "dada" and "c-og" (dog?), fake coughing followed by a smile anytime we fake cough.

This last weekend we went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Father's Day.  (as a side note: TR is by-far Dyer's FAVORITE place to eat, i love it too.  and it was essentially Ibelle's first restaurant outing.  aside from the one time we went to Jason's Deli and 2 times we went to Saltgrass for soup, ok and that one time we went to Breadwinners.  i digress.).

So, while we are waiting for our food there is an older couple sitting at a table diagonal across the section from ours.  The woman coughs .. and no joke .. i belle does a fake cough.  The cutest thing in the world!

On the same cute-note, her top left tooth is peeking through!!!

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The Kaufmans said...

I had to LOL on this one - too cute!! Love seeing their little personalities coming out! We had so much fun seeing you and Isabelle yesterday...let's do it again soon!