Friday, June 25, 2010

FD 10.

Dyer had his first Fathers Day!  Ibelle spent the day hanging out with her dad (aka her favorite person ever.  again, no lie.  she is his most-hugest fan.)

Ibelle gave her dad a check* for money to use for a grill.  After I looked and searched I realized there was a lot of grill options and letting Dyer pick one out was the best idea.  We had a propane tank that has been hanging out in our garage so it worked as a grill prop.  In keeping with tradition our first child, Rowdy, gave his dad some gobstoppers and gum!

We had SUCH a fun day!  Can't wait for all the future Fathers Day with our little crew!

*it was a check from her own check book! .. in fact it was check # 001 and she banks at First Fathers Day National Bank!  thanks mom for the wonderful idea!

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