Monday, June 28, 2010


Yikes, TX is hot.  Real hot.  Good thing for us we have a pergola!  Finally some shade in the backyard (and an overhead fan!).  I was dreading the summer .. but after much, ok a moment of thought, we decided to make a little outdoor area that we can enjoy together.  So far it has had a lot of use.  Case-and-point: Ibelle and her swimming pool.  She is a fish I tell-ya.  Now to get the grill and we will be done!  Come and join us, we can't wait to have some visitors!

(side note: i love the ease of the new blogger program, and ibelle continues to work on getting teeth.  yikes, when will teething be o-ver?!  & can any blog-geniuses tell me how to fix that pic at the top so that it isn't off center?  i promise the original includes ibelles whole face!)


Natalie said...

I could never get mine to center, so I ended up adding another gadget under the title, just for a pic and it worked.

Missy Morgan said...

it looks fabulous!! i want to come see and play with ICH!