Monday, June 21, 2010


[* i know what you are thinking: 1) enough with the pool pics of the cutest fishy ever. but i can't help it, we spend a lot of time out swimming in the pool. 2) does she not have any swim diapers? nope, remember no baby-ing suit either. nakie. & 3) what is with that hair?!? i dunno. it is crazy. of note, that second-to-last pic i think fishy looks looks a whole lot like her mama and her lips are still purse'ing.]


Chris.Erin.Grace said...

Her eyes are to.die.for. Love the baby suit ;) So glad to talk with you yesterday even for a bit! And yes, she is looking more like you everyday! Gorgeous!

The Kaufmans said...

Totally agree w/ Erin - those are some GORGEOUS baby blues she has!! Just adorable. :)