Sunday, June 20, 2010

like father, like daughter.

Want to know something interesting?

Ibelle is def her father's daughter.
{which I adore!}

A few samples of their sameness:
1. she is not a sound sleeper, she wakes up pretty easily. if you know dh, you know he is the worst sleeper (or non-sleeper, whichever way you look at it, he does not sleep well). i on the other hand, goooooood sleeper. i heart sleep.

2. ibelle is a picky eater she only likes certain foods. she also wants them to be offered or prepared a certain way, just like her dad. (ie. her dad will not eat toast that appears to be slightly tan'er in color, that would be burnt toast. ibelle will not eat a green bean if it is cut the wrong way. ok, i kid. you get the point.)

3. baby girl is a stinker. she is very stubborn. there is no offering her a substitution; she knows exactly what she wants. i would venture to guess that she will be like her dad as she grows. :)

4. mostly, she looks just-like-him. i hear it a lot, so don't feel bad for thinking it too.

oh goodness,
i LOVE these two.

*Ibelle + her dada.
{whom she adores. how could she not?}

*with this pic i imagine it being from the 80s (look at that shirt & her purple hair scrunchy). I imagine it being
dyer's dad and his sister, amy.

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sarah said...

there is nothing like a good father and daughter relationship! looks like your girl has a great one already. i stumbled on your blog accidentally and thought i'd say hello!