Thursday, March 3, 2011


{18 months}

gosh, again i fall behind.
(insert a picture of i'm a little behind yard art here.)
(maybe you don't know what i'm referencing, i tried to find a google image to fit the bill.  no such luck.)

Anyways, isabelle is getting bigger (25.5 pounds!!).
she moved into a new class at school*

she is wearing big kid shoes.
in fact she out-grew the precious keds, or maybe her foot grew wide (??).
her precious dad took her shopping today to Stride Rite and found the cutest little sneakers!  dyer told me that she loved the shopping trip.  i'm not surprised ;)

she is talking. a lot.  but only to dyer and i.  i promise she won't say a peep if anyone is around.

she made a funnerthanfun trip to austin for a baby shower.  while we were there she got to hang out with her bestie, grace, and see the cutest of Fin-bumps. & i got to hang out with my bestie, erin.  it was a win-win!!  plus, we got to see grandma and uncle garner on the way back!

she LOVES puffed corn (think pirates booty).

she loves her moo-bees in the car.  specifically Barney.

she loves bo-bules (bubbles) outside in the perfect weather or tasking with ba-bules (bottles), which she loves to put together, take apart, put together ..

she loves to give kisses and bother her brother (rowdy) and go for walks and look at books and eat dried fruit and say "no" to everything and hang out with her dad and color

she is sweet.  if you pretend to cry, she will come over to comfort you, usually giving you a hug and kiss.  perfectly cute!

she constantly makes my heart smile.

* woe is me school edition.  initially i thought, gosh my little is getting bigger and bigger, i was excited about nap time
on a mat, sitting in big kid chairs for meals, more freedom to just play, going outside during the day, maybe even a littlelotta excited about the cheaperby10$rate
.. then the school decided to do work on the outdoor area, so no outside play time until mid-april. then the rate went back up, ironically, to the amount we were paying just prior to the class change. then i realized that isabelle's teachers can't remember kid's songs, isabelle's name (it is not esabella or isabella).  then ibelle decided to cling to me, when it was time for me to leave her or say "bye-bye" or "no" when we pull up to the school.  please pray that something works out.


Chris.Erin.Grace.Andrew said...

Such a cutie pie! Something will work out!major frustration on your part for sure! Of course I will say a little prayer that the school issue becomes a non issue super soon. What's up with calling her Isabella?!? Sweet i'belle! Just remember what an amazing mom you are and that isabelle is the beautiful, caring, smart little girl she is because of you! xoxo

Mikie said...

I love that you can ID the difference in her BOTTLE and BUBBLE! I love that she is comforting sadness with so much sweetness! I love that something HAS to be on the horizon to ease the school just HAS to!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks like a little girl now, not a baby! She's just beautiful (just like her momma!).

I'll be praying that the school issues get sorted out soon. That is a lot of stress for you and her both. I wish I lived closer and then she could just come play with Joe everyday!!