Friday, March 4, 2011


a series of random thoughts got me to thinking about the movie "Marley and me".
{don't ask me how my brain got to that specific movie.  it was pretty involved sequence of thoughts.}

then i was reminded how the movie made me well up.
{garner & i went to see it.}

how parts of the movie were so sweet and parts were so sad.
{little did i know that i was PREGNANT with isabelle.}

honestly, until today i hadn't thought much about it.
{pregnant + well up. i think my subconscious knew i was with child.}

i found out i was pregnant just 3 days later.
{& no, i'm not pregnant now.}

i need to make a point to document all of these things for ibelle.
{i have these crazy thoughts that someday ibelle will cherish all the stuff i chronicle about our young family.}

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