Thursday, March 17, 2011


If you've ever been to Texas, read about Texas, known someone from Texas, heard about Texas, lived in Texas you know that the weather is often times less than desirable.

Lucky for Isabelle and I it was one of those rare weekends where the weather was Perfect.  Yes, with a capital 'P'. We had the best time! Dyer (sadly) was out of town living it up in Vegas a conference. Our weekend included: the Arboretum, relaxing, the Arboretum and, wait-for-it dork alert: sewing!

The Arboretum was too much fun! We have a yearly pass + it is convenient to our house and it is the Dallas Blooms so it was the best time to go! Isabelle played and played! She even met a few new friends! We will def be spending lots of time there before dreaded summer hits!

 {p.s. I think that these last 2 pics represent how
impossible it is to get a nearly-2 year
old to look at the camera.  Despite any jumping, whistling,
and "look, elmo is on my head"isms.  It is just not going to happen.}

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