Friday, March 11, 2011


every now and then i like to think that isabelle is still a little nugget she is NOT a big girl.
thennn i'm reminded, she is growing leaps and bounds daily.

today i told her, "isabelle, let's go"
she said, "ess-go"

today i told her, "sit on your bottom"
and she did just that, sat on her bottom

today, when giving rowdy his treat, i told her, "tell him to sit"
she said, "ss-it" then gave him his treat; well maybe said it and gave the treat all at the same time.  ;)

today in the car i gave her a sippy cup,
after she drank from it she put the sippy cup in the cup holder that is on her car seat
amazing, no??

today {and a million days before} she pushed the button on the iphone to turn on the screen
then, she ran her finger all over the screen ..just like mama!

today i told her, "say isabelle"
she said, "ksjdfkl-el"

so then i told her, "say izzy"
she said, "iss-ssy"
amazing/cute x2, no??

today i asked her where rowdy was, she went to our closet (where rowdy spends most of the day), no rowdy
she puts her hands in the air in the idontknow gesture.

i asked her if she was done with her milk
she hung on pointed to the refrigerator door, i opened it, and she put her drink in

today in the the rear view mirror i saw ibelle putting her finger in her nose
i told her, "isabelle, don't put your finger in your nose!"
guess what she did????
yep finger jammed up her nose.

ok.  enough on our friday evening.  she is def growing up.

(HUGE thanks to all for the sweet words.  the day care thing, we continue to work on it.  our most recent inquiry said that the waiting list was a couple of years.  luckily, she seems to be happier in her class and they have had an extra teacher in the class to help out.)

helping daddy plant flowers and picking up leaves.

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Mikie said...

It's amazing to know how fast everything grows up!!! I'm so glad you're keeping such good record of all this - it will be a good record for baby #2 (but you're not pregnant!)