Friday, March 11, 2011


there are times, many times, where i pinch myself.
not only do i have the most precious of families, the most precious of daughters, I have the most precious {sweet, thoughtful, loving, patient, adorable} of husbands.

[I know what you are thinking.. one of those silly posts about my husband this, my husband that, blah blah.]

but really, who can sleep about 1 hour a night
due to a pager,
a ringing phone, a crying baby,
a paaaager, a restless dog, or a coughing/ tv watching wife??
who can deal with sick patients and their
often times
challenging parents
then come home to
an equally challenging
child and wife and pager
and dog??
(ok, maybe not the "dog" part, since omgosh dyer and rowdy are bff.)
(who wouldn't be rowdy's bff, he is simply the best dog ever!)

& still be ultra sweet, et al?
the answer: my other half.
the same guy that can make anyone's heart smile.

a few tidbits about dyer you may or may not believe:
he loves white rice and tomato sauce. he loves noodles and tomato sauce. he is not a big breakfast eater.or lunch eater. he is a one meal/day type eater. his first car: an "amry" (or camry, it was missing the "c" where the name was printed), his second car: the red rust bucket (or a red'ish jeep wrangler), his third car: the beast (or a blue grand Cherokee). he cooks. growing up he always had labs, the last one was Beau.he is a huge fan of houston sports teams (astros, texans, rockets). since he was little-tiny he has always wanted to be a pediatrician. he is one of those people that kids gravitate towards. he is immensely patient. no really he is. he has to be to be married to me. he has a huge vocabulary. in fact he almost like triple majored, including English. he went to baylor univ. he knows everysinglequote from pretty women, seinfeld, friends, moonstruck and a million other movies. he loves man on fire or schindlers list. he lets me pick girl movies, think: mean girls or clueless. he hates, hates, hates the movie down with love. he knows what shows i like and he will dvr them without me asking. he likes simpsons, family guy, House, dexter and modern family. he knows random old shows, think herman's head. he knows random episodes from random old shows (that i also know), think cherry in the fridge on punky Brewster. he is paying for a cleaning lady (<--which has been the best thing ever). despite being busy he will not pay a lawn service. he is the BEST gift giver and so sneaky about gift secrets! he talks to his dad every sunday, no matter what. he can multitask like nobody's business. he is the most efficient errand-runner. he put crown molding in ICH's room and our guest room. he does not dwell. ever. he does not perseverate. ever. he hates to travel. he loves the warm climates (that is why CHOP was never in the running for fellowships). he likes the same style of furniture that i do. his family has bunches and bunches of antiques. his fav color is blue. he always goes to the same procuts, for years, but does not have the same stylist. ever. he hates coffee, or anything SBucks for that matter. his favorite group might be the counting crows. he picked the name isabelle claire for our first born. & he pretends to sleep while ibelle steps/sits on his head; for that she shares her lovey. i could go on and onnnnnnn

[pardon the iphone pics.]


Chris.Erin.Grace.Andrew said...

Omg. The sweetest! I love the bottom two pics. I mean I really love them! Precious!

Mikie said... I'm all teared up. And YOU are the sweetest of wives and mommies to document all of this. How lucky you ALL are to have each other. I may need to learn what perseverate means...tell Dyer I need his help with that one ;)